Nextv Series South America

Our Speakers

Edwin Elberg

Senior Director of Product Development


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Mariano Pereyra

Gerente Regional de Ventas

Claro Argentina

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Gabriel Forenza


Express Telecomunicaciones

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Mirta Romay



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Anna Elías

Gerente de Estrategias de Contenidos y Audiencias


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Juan Carlos Guidobono

Gerente de Operaciones y Tecnología

América TV

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Cristian Raúl Cárcamo

Jefe Ingeniería de Televisión

Grupo Gtd

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Cristián Hernández Rodríguez

Gerente de Medios Digitales

Canal 13

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Pablo Flores Guridi

Head of Engineering

TCC Uruguay

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Roberto Lara

Strategy Director


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José Luis Jacquet Matillon


El Cuatro TV GO Net

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Our Research Highlights

Netflix and telcos: unique strategy to maximise SVOD reach in Latin America

Netflix recently partnered with Megacable in Mexico, to bundle its Standard & Ad-tiers offers with Megacable’s 2Play and 3Play offers. Aligning with a tier-1 national operator could drive significant growth for the streaming giant in Mexico. Launched in Mexico and the rest of Latin America in 2011, Netflix has expanded its network of partners, employing a different strategy than its competitors. What’s the rationale behind such distribution strategies and how has it proven to be successful for the Los Gatos’ firm and its competitors ?

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Pluto TV, Roku, Vix … which FAST platform offers the most exclusive catalogue in Latin America?

As FAST platforms lately turned into a new garden of Eden for content providers to distribute their IPs on, competition is ramping up between providers trying to build the most attractive offer to meet the growing demand for tailored content. To do so, the focus had long been put on quantity over quality and the number of FAST channels available in Latin America has increased quickly over time. Following this logic of expansion, FAST services have been trying to serve more countries in Latin America.

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